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IR and Safety

Hard Hat Pro Air Systems Pty Ltd maintains its excellent industrial relations and safety record through continued observation of work practices. This record has been  preserved though the efforts of "all" management and staff.

The established Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Policy is adhered to throughout the Company; on all sites, in the factory and office environments.

The following is a short list of some this Policy.

  1. Reviews on the maintenance of the policy, and any incidents which may have occurred, are undertaken quarterly by the OH&S committee.
  2. Instruction and training of all staff at all levels on all new work place activities
  3. Instruction and training of all sub-contractors
  4. Induction programs on all construction sites
  5. Induction Procedures
    1. The parties acknowledge that it is in the interests of all concerned that all new employees and employers on a building project understand their obligations under this agreement and are introduced to their jobs in a manner which will help them to work safely and efficiently. It is agreed that this is a joint responsibility of both site management, and job stewards.
    2. In conjunction with the site Foreperson/Manager, Job Steward and Safety Supervisor/Safety Committee, new employees and employees will be given an explanation of all safety rules and procedures, including the provisions of any relevant legislation or regulation, security, emergency procedures and any relevant agreements affecting the site.
    3. The induction presentations and materials shall have regard to the language skills of the employer/employee 
  6. Red Card induction completed by all site employees
Pro Air Systems Pty Ltd is committed to maintaining a standard second to none.

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